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This website , www.hauspositiv.com is owned, hosted and operated by _________________ having its registered office _________________.

The terms and conditions regulating use of these services constitute a legally binding agreement between haus positive and the users entering the agreement.

The terms and conditions may be amended or modified any time without any prior notice, such terms and conditions should be immediately effective upon posting on the website. We recommend the users to review the modified terms and conditions periodically before using the website. This would make you aware of the modifications and ease the access to the website for continuous usage. Your access to the website and posting the modified terms and conditions would be a proof that you have read and accepted the modified terms and conditions. Haus Positiv.com holds the authority to suspend some or all of the operations of the website for support and technical upgradation, content upgradation as well as maintenance work, if any.

Any inconsistent usage of the website with respect to the mentioned terms and conditions would result in termination of access, blocking of future access and/or seek any relief under certain circumstances of inappropriate usage as it may be deemed proper.
Haus Positiv.com is a platform to showcase the property listing only and has no role in any transactions and hence Haus Positiv.com is not liable for any loss and damage of any sort arising the use of the website. Haus Positiv.com/Haus Positiv LLP or it’s directors will not be responsible for any damages/loss of any kind arising out to the use of Haus Positiv.com. Haus Positiv.com assumes no responsibility for any error, defect, delay in operations, in theft or destruction, unauthorized access to alter of user’s data information.

The user shall agree that use of the service, Haus Positiv.com is at user’s sole risk. Haus Positiv.com and it’s directors does not take any responsibility of user on their website. Haus Positiv always advise it’s users to verify the documents, title of the property legally on their own before going for any transactions. Haus Positiv.com has no responsibility/ does not take any responsibility of the property listing detail{Legal Title, Ownership etc} which is posted by the user/ given information on the website by the user/ owner/ broker/agent/dealer.


The user here agree to indemnify/ defend and hold harmless Haus Positv.Com/Haus Positiv LLP, officers, directors , employees of the company from and against any and all loses, cost, expenses{attorney fees} claims, liabilities, suits by the third parties.

No Liability:

Haus Positiv.com is not involved in the actual transactions between the buyers and sellers of services or any user giving information regarding listing of the property on the website. We absolutely have no control over the quality, safety, legality of the services advertised. The accuracy of the listing is the sole responsibility of the seller or advertiser. Haus Positiv is not liable in any manner to any third party/ user for any listing/ content posted by the user on the website. You understand and agree that we do not gurantee the accuracy/legitimacy of any listing, leads, information by the other users. You further agree that we{Haus Positiv.com} that we are not liable for any loss of money, goodwill, reputation, any consequential damages arising out of your use of the website.
HausPositiv.com/Haus Positiv LLP or it’s directors will not be party to any legal proceedings between parties contacted / contracted through these services, website. Incase Haus Positiv.com or it’s directors are bought/ sort to implicated in any legal proceedings or costs will be recovered, beared by the party/parties that names Haus Positiv.com or it’s directors as a party to any legal proceedings.

Governing law:

By accessing haus positiv you agree that the laws prevailing in India shall be the governing laws in all matters relating to haus positiv as well as these terms and conditions.


Courts at New Delhi, India alone shall have the exclusive Jurisdiction in all matters relating to haus positiv and these terms and conditions, irrespective of the territory and Jurisdiction of your access to haus positiv.com.

Haus Positiv.com may without notice in it’s sole discretion and at any time terminate your property listings from the website or restrict your use or access to Haus Positiv.com for any reason without limitation. So, there will be no discussion on the termination of the listing.


As per the contents of the agreement no party shall use,store or transform/share any information or data with the third party without the prior written permission of the Haus Positiv.com or its directors. The present clause will be subject to discretion of the directors of the company.

Privacy policy:

Haus positiv protects your data and may use your data that you give to us for getting the information from our services, website

The users of haus positiv is subject to haus positiv privacy policy.
Modified Terms and Conditions:

While using our service we may ask you to provide certain information that can be use to contact you or to provide information to you.

Information may include but not limited to


Your Email

Your contact Number

City/ Address

We may use third partly applications, website  and in which your data can be seen to provide you better service

we always try very hard to protect our data from any data leak or from any issue, problems(viruses ,spams etc)  but in today’s world nothing is safe and guarantee,so in case of any data stealing,leak issues, problems(Viruses,spams etc) haus positiv, its directors, staff  will not be liable,responsible at all for  any loss, damage etc.

By using our website user  agree with our privacy policy and terms and conditions. In case any user is not agree with our privacy policy and terms and conditions user can stop viewing our website immediately

We can change, add, edit our terms and conditions at any point of time without any prior notice. In this sole discretion shall reserve/ have right to edit/ modify/ delete any content from it’s website. User agree that online listing will be reflected within 72 hours after submission of information of the property.


Website is not at all responsible for any given information or data entered by the user on our website. Any wrong information or data entered by the user on our website will be removed /deleted within 3 hours after receiving any complaint against the wrongly mentioned information or data entered.

Grievance Redressal

Any complaints abuse or concerns with regard to the contents or if any breach of the above said terms shall be immediately informed to the concerned Grievance Redressal officer namely sh._Sunnyy jolly_______________ either in writing posted to ______________(_address) or through email signed with a electronic signatures if any to ____________info@hauspositiv.com_____(email ID).
The concerned Grievance Redress officer will personally look into the matter/complaints and will get back to the complainant within ___days of the receipt of the complaint.